2014 Honda S2000-Release Date and Rumors

2014 Honda S2000-Release Date and Rumors

2014 Honda S2000-Release Date and Rumors

Honda – “S2000 is really a segment-busting luxury crossover which best defines the new face of Honda, ” mentioned Steve Shannon, Honda general manager. “Its beautiful style, high-tech features, functionality and roominess, coupled having a quiet and refined ride, place us in an excellent place to attract new consumers. ”

In 2014 Honda S2000 can offer new version from the EV-STER Concept. It really has been rumored to hit sixty mph in simply 5 seconds. Finally, it’ll obtain a total electrical choice of one hundred miles, and 2014 Honda S2000 unharness day can have late in 2012.

Simply there is no other details have been provided, however it’s such as the concept’s outward look is very similar towards the production version S2000, sans a few minor updates. The interior, however, appearance absolutely updated, along with many leather used upon the seats, dashboard and steering wheel. To the interior, Honda opted for any black and burgundy red combination, matching the red used upon the exterior.

Keeping all that in mind, we concur with Lyon’s speculation that the 2015 Honda S2000 would use a 4-cylinder gasoline engine somewhat larger than 1.5-liter Insight/CR-Z unit. Whether this will be a simple upsizing or a clean-sheet design remains to be seen. Honda has long shown a knack for doodling up all-new engines whenever circumstances require. Whatever its provenance, this engine will doubtless be tuned to balance fuel economy and emissions with all-out power. In terms of total net output, including the electric motor, we guess the new sports car will fall somewhere between the “old” S2000 and the CR-Z, meaning about 160 horsepower and 150 pound-feet of torque. Transmissions should logically duplicate the CR-Z’s 6-speed manual and continuously variable transmission (CVT) that behaves much like an automatic. Lyon projects that such a powertrain, with the electric motor geared more towards performance than economy, could yield 0-60 mph acceleration of just under 6 seconds, “particularly if aluminum is used to reduce the curb weight.”

With its rear/mid engine layout and enthusiast-oriented appeal, the 2015 Honda S2000 will almost certainly ride a unique independent rear suspension instead of the CR-Z’s simple twist-beam axle. The coupe’s MacPherson-strut front suspension may also be swapped out for a more-compact arrangement that would allow a lower nose to reduce power-sapping aerodynamic drag. As on other hybrid Hondas, the new S2000 should have electric power steering and 4-wheel disc brakes with ABS and an integrated antiskid system with traction control.

2014 Honda S2000 Release Date :
Meanwhile some rumors told that 2014 Honda S2000 release date will be in late this year. You can get in touch with certified traders of the Honda to discover out more about the 2014 Honda S2000 price. There is no purpose why you should be eventually missed when it comes to the high-class and relaxation that comes with Honda vehicles. This car is made in a way that they will provide you even more than you predicted. We promise that we will update soon after Honda announces 2014 Honda S2000 release date.

2014 Honda S2000 Specs :
Do you know Honda S2000?… Some of you have already known about it, or even you have had that valuable car, it is great, isn’t it?… Basically, Honda S2000 is a kind of roadster car that produced by Honda Motor company in Japan. Although, the concept of Honda S2000 had been shown at the Tokyo Motor Show in 1995, but, ceremonially it was launched on April 1999 and it has made to celebrate 50th of Honda Company. Why is it named with Honda S2000?… The logical reason is taken from cylinder volume of its machine that has had 2000 cc. The cylinder volume of Honda S2000 follows the previous generations in 1960 such as S500, S600, and S800.

2014 Honda S2000 specs will be needed for you who want to know more about new entry of Honda S2000. As you know, Honda Company did not produce and launch its roadster models for several years, so the new entry of Honda S2000 will be waited to be launched by many costumers in the world. This new roadster of Honda S200 will be strong vehicle dynamics. It sounds great and you have to wait the real. In 2014 Honda S2000 will give new version of the EV-STER Concept. It has been rumored to hit sixty mph in just five seconds. Finally, it will obtain a total electric range of one hundred miles.

2014 Honda S2000 Price :
If you are looking for the price of Honda S2000 in 2014 on the internet, you will be difficult to find it because that car has launched yet ceremonially. Nevertheless, based on the price of the previous generation namely 2009 Honda S2000, it is sold with price estimation $34,995. The price of the previous generation will be different, of course the new entry will be expensive than previous generation. Therefore, in order to purchase new entry of Honda S2000 in 2014, you have to provide budget more than $34,955.