Toyota Sienna DUB Edition and Price

Toyota Sienna DUB Edition and Price

The Toyota Sienna will certainly be well-represented at the 2014 SEMA Car Show. Who saw that coming, right? Complete stranger things have happened, specifically, when it concerns SEMA. So prepare yourselves for two improbably excellent Sienna mini-vans, one of which is the Sienna DUB Version.

The Sienna DUB Version stops using DUB Magazine to the world’s most famous aftermarket automobile show. I’m not here to compare the two DUB developments since they’re two various versions. It’s hard not to compare the Sienna DUB Version with the Sienna: Remix.

Both designs are mostly comparable in a lot of means, not the least of which is their proclivity to make our ears bleed with their massive audio systems. However the Sienna: Remix has entirely devoted itself to being a sound box, excluding a host of the Sienna’s core features, consisting of the rear seats. Last I inspected, those are still pretty crucial.

By comparison, the Sienna DUB Version provides a much more realistic configuration. For one, the seats are still there as well as the inside’s actually spruced up fairly remarkably. DUB Publication additionally hung around working with the Sienna’s exterior looks, including a lot of brand-new details, consisting of a wide-body kit and a diminished suspension, turning the generally mundane minivan right into a flashy and also hostile individuals hauler. Oh, as well as the DUB Edition stereo is rather pleasant, also. It’s not as hardcore as the one in the Sienna: Remix, but it still features a generous quantity of high-end audio innovation.

Toyota Sienna DUB Edition Exterior

DUB intended to provide the Sienna the “DUB appearance,” which evidently consists of providing the minivan a hostile makeover that’s a much separation from its typical mild-mannered look. The first thing DUB did was offer it an appealing personalized Galaxy Grey outside finish from BASF. From there, the publication installed a customized wide-body set, smoked taillights, tinted windows, as well as a DUB Edition net grille.

Rounding out the exterior upgrades is a set of 22-inch TIS536 concave wheels covered in Nitto 420S tires.

Toyota Sienna DUB Edition Interior

Not counting the audio system, the interior is where you’ll see the most significant distinction between the Sienna DUB Edition as well as the Sienna: Remix. Whereas the last didn’t have a whole lot of design to opt for the audio arrangement, the previous really showcases a host of upgrades, consisting of diamond-quilted black-and-white leather seats with color-matched accents, printed DUB Edition headrests, an LED-illuminated headliner panel with sprinkles of black suede, and 6 Introduction headrest screens. Wherefore it deserves, this is a sharper spruce up compared to anything we’ve seen on the Sienna.

Certainly, the genuine highlight of the inside is the DUB Edition stereo, which is composed of six amplifiers, four speakers, eight sound speakers, as well as a fiberglass unit with natural leather and repainted accents.

Toyota Sienna DUB Edition Engine

The Sienna DUB Version doesn’t have any type of efficiency upgrades, so expect to see the very same 3.6-liter, a V-6 engine that creates 266 horsepower and 245 pound-feet of torque. Those are pretty stout numbers for a minivan made much more impressive by the fact that it could dash from 0 to 60 miles per hour is about eight secs.

The inadequate of engine upgrades didn’t quit DUB from setting up a new, height-adjustable shock absorber, creating a look that’s additional highlighted by the wheels, and also the StopTech calipers and TRD Big Brake set.

Toyota Sienna DUB Edition Price

Allow’s do the theoretical mathematics on this. Supposing you get the base trim of the Sienna, you’ll need to pay $28,600 for that version. When you include every one of the customs includes from DUB Version, I’m thinking that the quantity increases to regarding $60,000. Now if you get the state-of-the-art version of the Sienna at $46,000, expect the fully personalized rate to get to close to $90,000.

Toyota Sienna DUB Edition Conclusion

Given a choice in between the Sienna DUB Edition and the Sienna: Remix, I wouldn’t take more than a few secs to select the DUB Version. It looks much better– the Galaxy Grey body shade is a reward to the eyes– and also it has, even more, real-world functions compared to the Sienna: Remix.