Toyota Sienna Remix Edition and Price

Toyota Sienna Remix Edition and Price

The Toyota Sienna made a shocked look at the world’s greatest aftermarket show as the Swagger Wagon Supreme. Fast forward to 2014, and also the Sienna is returning to SEMA in some various arrangements, among which is the one-off Sienna: Remix.SiriusXM jointly developed this audio home on wheels and also West Coastline Traditions, two establishments with out-of-the-box creativity, signing up with forces in an attempt to turn the Sienna into a qualified celebration wagon.

Toyota also found a method to incorporate the Sienna: Remix to its old “Swagger Wagon” campaign, showcasing this new project as the most recent instance of just how “fun” can still originate from not likely areas like, state, a minivan.
In some ways, you can think about the Sienna: Remix as the Swagger Wagon Supreme’s spiritual successor, a family tree of 2 significantly customized Sienna minivans that were developed to imbibe the van’s identity as an enjoyable as well as the gritty vehicle with limitless aftermarket potential.

The evidence remains in the pictures, ladies and also gentlemen. The Sienna Remix differs from any type of Sienna you have actually ever before seen beyond the Swagger Wagon Supreme.

Toyota Sienna: Remix Exterior

The exterior appearance of the Sienna: Remix wasn’t repaired way too much, if you could believe that. Aside from the black grille and the collection of Giovanna alloy wheels, every little thing is where it’s meant to be. Or is it?

As soon as the Sienna: Remix gets in the state of mind to be the life of the party, a 360-degree A/V column pops out of the roof, disclosing a pair of huge, 40-inch, LCD screens, four 12-inch subwoofers, 16 speakers, as well as 2 LED bars. Wowza.

That’s not all. The Sienna: Remix also has a DJ booth, 8 added sound speakers, five amplifiers, and also two 32-band equalizers that can be found when the tailgate moves out.

Toyota Sienna: Remix Interior
A quick eye the interior of the Sienna: Remix exposes just what looks more like a command facility than a cushy minivan.

Toyota Sienna:Remix Engine

Despite its track record as a kid-mover and grocery-hauler, the Toyota Sienna really loads a powerful 3.5-liter, V-6 engine with twin above webcams and variable valve timing. The engine can create 266 horsepower and 245 pound-feet of torque, as well as it companions to a six-speed transmission.

The Sienna can sprint from 0 to 60 miles per hour in concerning 7.8 secs to choose a full throttle of around 115 mph, all while achieving outstanding fuel rankings of 18 mpg in the city, 25 mpg on the freeway, as well as 21 mpg integrated.

Toyota Sienna:Remix Price

You’re not visiting be able to purchase the Sienna: Remix, yet you could buy a standard Sienna. Because case, you’re visiting require a minimum of $28,600 to purchase the base design. That cost balloons approximately $46,000 for the journey cut with AWD.

Toyota Sienna: Remix Conclusion

I have actually never envisioned myself driving a minivan. However, I’ve never pictured a van looking anything like the Sienna: Remix. If ever an exemption was to be made, this has to be it. I indicate, this has to do with as nutty as it might obtain. You roll around town in a minivan without any back seats. Then all of a sudden, a large audio system pops out from the roofing system and afterward all hell break out.

If you can not be the life of the party with the Sienna: Remix, after that you’re most likely socializing with the wrong crowd.